Monday, March 29, 2010

Proposition: Please Read

Hey guys. So, I've been thinking about our class lately, and about how to sustain an art practice after school, and I wanted to ask you guys something. This class is half way through this semester, and we all know that the second half will go by just as quickly. I really don't want to just move on after our class is done with, so I was thinking about starting a bimonthly pot luck dinner (every other month, not twice a month). I thought it could start with our class, but I was hoping to expand it to other friends and artists. My hope would be to not only share a meal and company, but also create a space for discussion and collaboration. I think we have all had the experience of needing other people at some stage of our art making, and I think its important to start doing something like this now, so that when we do graduate, we aren't dependent on the school system we are in, where we are constantly around fellow artists and we can always access people and resources and get feedback. I was also hoping to pair this with a blog of sorts, like what we have for this class, so we can share interesting things, events and opportunities, as well as organize people for art projects, peer edit each others proposals, exhibit work, etc.

It sounds like a big undertaking, I know, but if we all put in a little time it could easily be done without taking away from any of our school work. I'm really serious about this, I think its really important for us to have something like this. Please leave your thoughts below.


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