Monday, January 26, 2009

A Hypothetical Letter of Apology

Dear Angie,
I'm sorry I didn't give you the quilt I bought, but I hope the reasons for my actions make sense...
Reason I
A quilt represents comfort and genuine care for both the giver and receiver, and while I honestly care about my interactions with you, I felt that giving you such a personal item as a quilt would be a false reflection of our relationship, which was based solely on two conversations about the "thens and nows" of your life. The antique Shirley Temple Detective book felt like a more appropriate gift from me to you, as we seemed to be in constant discussion of your past and my interest in the past.
Reason II
Having expressed the highly sentimental gift of a quilt, the fact is that I bought the quilt I originally intended on giving you for $1.25 at Salvation Army. In recognizing this fact, I felt to give it to you would inspire guilt and deception in me. You had initially mentioned quilts in terms of your friends granddaughter spending a year to hand craft it as a gift, and to give you a cheap purchase in relation to that mention seems somewhat grotesque.
So after my pondering, I decided these two facts made the sincere genuine gift of a quilt into a lie, which is not a gift you deserved. I hope you enjoy the Shirey Temple Detective gift as much as I enjoyed our conversation.
Thank you Angie,

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